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Services Overview

Smoke alarm installation, testing & positioning advice
Choose a trusted smoke alarm company in Melbourne for your detector solutions & save!.
Safety Switch Testing
When you book our smoke alarm testing service, you can add our Premium or Basic Safety Switch Testing Program together & save.
Electrical Repairs
Our qualified electricians can provide many electrical services & repairs, just provide the details on your email booking .

Professional Smoke Alarm Services

Don't wait till its too late our competitive priced services can inspect and test your smoke alarms foe all budgets, if you feel your smoke alarm is out of date or needs upgrading to a Photoelectric smoke alarm our services are on hand. You can tailor your appointment to not only provide smoke alarm inspections but take advantage of small electrical repair jobs that you would not normally call a service for.

Our smoke alarm electricians have been installing and testing smoke alarms for over 30 years but testing you safety switch on the same appointment can save you hundreds of dollars. Like smoke alarms , safety switches save lives also, our electricians use the latest testing tools to effectively test you safety switch tripping times. Without this tester there is no way of knowing if you safely switch is tripping at 30 milliamps per second.